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November 10, 2012 14:32
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Who accompanies Cute knows I'm blogging since 2003. Thing I've seen MUCH happening in the blogosphere ... I witnessed so many absurdities in the blogging world that I decided not to be part of "F * Hits and related", but today I decided to say something because the situation just got out of control and need to share it with you!

See "famous" bloggers sporting and rubbing in the face of her readers the wonderful trips to Miami, Paris, their Chanel bags and Louboutin shoes, a "look of the day" it felt like déjà vu, because we have seen the same look 184659 times exactly the same in other blogs that speak of the same thing EVER, besides being a world simply unimaginable to most readers of blogs. What I want to make clear is that I do not criticize the lifestyle, but use that to seek power and acceptance.

Not only ostentation itself bothers me, but the way "It Bloggers" exchange offenses, deceive their readers with advertisements disguised as editorial product that they themselves have said they would never use (hi?), Posts with exactly the same content , YouTube videos touting products and online shops are winners complaint, among other things.

Some readers are so dazzled by the luxury life famosinhas those bloggers who do not think twice before buying something suitable for them without first guard against potential problems or just begging for a return in his comments, but the bloggers do not get along nor the trouble to read them. Stop and think: blogger hired a team to create content in her blog, you really think she "will work" to read your comment? The essence of the blog was not something personal with YOUR opinion? And today I see blogs with teams 7-10 people and generating the very same content ...

The emergence of Shame blogger opened the eyes of many people, like me, did not like the attitudes of these bloggers, but had never spoken, despite disagreeing a bit of how the Shame addresses the criticism on his blog I follow and even give Some good laughs with # fails. Unfortunately many who go to the Hall of Shame are former readers famosinhos blogs that decided to follow the same line, but without the same resources end up doing "caca" and appearing on the blog of Shame.

F * Hits (no link even), for example, became a sign of status. A channel created just to make money and not to generate content, fully chatooooo, repetitive and bland. I am totally against what they do there, almost brainwashed the readers just to sell the products of the sponsors.

Folks, I am not against those who charge for posts and etc., because time is money, but I totally disagree on how this is being done. For example, one blogger put into your bloguxo: "Amigue, this week I discovered rectal cleanser brand y, how I lived so long without this??" And so dozens of readers click on the affiliate link and buy the blogger as "cleaner Rectal ", and the blogger had never even heard of this brand and posted by money alone, without experiencing the item in question. Posted just because they won a free amostrinha, or even had spoken ill of the brand and magically changed his mind as in the case of Melisseiras, when the Melissa brand invited two bloggers to participate in an event closed in NY, one of which has already had even spoken ill of the brand on my blog and the real melisseiras were revolted, taking the hashtag # melissafail the top trending on the day of the event, bafão.

Many bloggers have lost their essence and their own opinion. I will not name names because we know exactly who they are. These "phynas" more or post your own words, but ready with text posts made ​​by brands such as happened with the Vivara (even more than once), who sent the exact same publieditorial to dozens of bloggers and fluffy just gave a CTRL C + CTRL V in the text. But this is also the fault of the readers own talifãs (like say Shame), who desperately niche and create opportunity for rycas and phynas bloguetes the fool and still make more money on them.

Great detail is: "it bloggers", "YouTube Gurus" and the companies themselves are underestimating the intelligence of readers. This was working up to a point, but now people are starting to realize, including major magazines such as SEE , Galileo and Istoé already talked about it.

So is a tip: before you leave believing everything that "rycas" say, do a search, use common sense to withdraw if the blogger is actually giving your honest opinion or whether it is just another disguised payola. And remember: not all glamor and wealth is true and behind all these Chanels and Louboutins there is always an indebted blogger living only on appearance.

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